George Carwardine


“George had set up his own business, Cardine Accessories working on automobile suspension systems and moderators. Most loyally, he went back to Hortsmanns when they were reconstituted and stayed until they finally ceased trading in 1929.

After this, George turned his mind to other things working in a studio in his back garden. He had become fascinated with the concept of spring based mechanisms allowing weighted objects to be moved freely into any position where they remain balanced In 1932 he filed a patent that is clearly identifiable as the first Anglepoise lamp using 4 springs. George went into small scale production; and naturally he used springs supplied by Terry’s.

However he soon realised he needed to find a partner. His patent became effective in January 1934 and within a month he had signed an agreement giving Terry’s exclusive rights; and they started to manufacture the lamp in return for a royalty. The royalty was 4 shillings a lamp. The new product was launched at the British Industries Fair in Birmingham in February 1934.”

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