Welcome to twelve twenty seven: A Place to find information and links about the famous Anglepoise 1227

 (Image courtesy of 30-something.co.uk)

I’m Harry Langworthy, an illustrator based in the South West of the U.K. As well as drawing I have had a love affair with a lamp. As strange (and if I’m honest worrying) as this may sound it is for a good reason, because the lamp in question is the iconic 1227 Anglepoise.

For me it started around the same time I first picked up a drawing pen, when at a young age I found an 1227 at the local dump. I’ve drawn by the light of nothing else since then.  To me the 1227 typifies what great design can be at its best: elegant, simple, functional but more than anything else something that changes how we do everyday tasks and makes us wonder what did we do before it came along?

Anglepoise lamps have become highly sort after, however there’s a lot of misinformation and plenty of mis-selling going on. On this site you will find information to help date different models as well as the story of their history and evolution. You’l also find information on restoration including links to places where you can get spares or if your not quite that adventurous to get someone else to do it for you, or even buy a new one!

My thanks to the lovely people at 30something for the kind permission to use their photos and for their ongoing help and advice.

All information is based on my very limited experience and internet research and the kind advise of people who know much more than I do! Much of what is here may be inaccurate. Also I am not a restorer. If You would like to visit my illustration site please click here