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For detailed information of the Carwardine lamp, the Anglepoise 1208 and the 1209 check out the wonderful site that is  Vintage Anglepoise Lamps. Information here is based on research and an original 1936 Terry and Sons catalogue.


30 something!: All the spares you could possibly need for restoring a 1227 including  braided cable, bulb holders, grommets, even the felt to cover the base. They also offer a custom restoration service for your lamp.


The best 1227 dealer I know off by far!! The value is good and there are not many places you’d find that are cheaper for braided cable. The quality of the fittings is tip top. I got one of their chrome bulb holders and its very well made, its internals are nice ceramic rather than the plastic you usually find. They are friendly and very knowledgable people and very quick at getting back in touch and sending items out.

While they offer everything you need, be aware postage can build up, so if you can find parts locally it could save you a bob or two.

UPDATE: 30 Something have now introduced fixed price P&P prices: £3.95 for up to 5 items and £5.95 thereafter for small parts and flex.

Thats pretty darned good! honestly if look around online for what other places charge you’d be hard pushed to find better especially if your getting multiple items as many places don’t combine shipping.

Lamps and Lights: another place to find various parts including braided cable and chrome bulb holders. They don’t stock grommets of the felt base though. similarly prices to 30 something though i think £0 something may just be cheaper.

If you decide to go to a few different places for your bits heres a few links that may help:; Really really cool site. more aimed at architects and interior designers I think, but they have good braided cable and very reasonably priced chrome and brass bulb holders with plastic cord grips. They are mainly cool though because of their light bulbs. Yes I know, being exited about light bulbs sounds about as sad as you can get, but have a look at their sister site of amazing early 20th century filament bulbs. Also if your into the whole vintage-industrial/ Eames era aesthetic have a look at their other lighting, very cool. really nice looking brass cord grip bulb holder at a good price (one of the cheapest I’v seen for this type) and a limited range of colours of braided cable. Oh and they also sell new Anglepoises.  have black plastic cord grips. If you find a switch or fitting in a local electrical shop chances are they wont have these. Make sure you know if you need the male of female threaded version though. They also have good for chrome fittings (possibly not the same quality as those above)  and in line switches etc. have some bakerlite style fittings if you prefer to chrome. braided flex, bulb holders and nice cord grips (fits to the back of the bulbholder.; This is just an example really, about the rubber grommets that fit in to the wire holes on your lamp. While you can get grommet kits from 30 something, it is possible to be cheaper to get them elsewhere in my opinion. measure the size of the hole on your lamp and search for this online. They are fiddly things to fit and its good to have a few as you can end up ruining them when trying to persuade them into place.

Ebay: perhaps  a bit obvious, but it can be great for getting fittings, sellers change all the time so have a search, I have found it the cheapest place to get braided cable and a grommets.

Other Stuff: the home of everything Anglepoise and of course you can buy a new 1227 form here! Which I would love to do…one day perhaps.

A great site which probably had more information than mine, but sadly it looks like only one page works now. A great site which probably had more information than mine, but sadly it looks like only one page works now.; The cheapest (so far) iv found for the new Anglepoise 1227.

Mathew Higgins a design student, has a great few posts about restoring his1227. If your looking for something a bit different and have $1145 to spend on a lamp then lucky you. Designer Henry Wilson has created vintage 1227’s with glass or ceramic shades, and subtle LED lights This limited production run is very pretty, but not exactly cheap.

Me or to be more accurate my Illustration website.

More Links will be added over time, If you have any useful links please email me.

2 thoughts on “Links and Reviews

  1. Thanks for the link, I’ve in fact just bought another, quite a bit more damaged, Anglepoise which I will be documenting in more detail the restoration process over the next few months.

  2. Hello there,
    I have started reassembling my original 3 step anglepoise after stripping it to clean it. However 1 of the small screws/bolts has sheared. it’s the screw that connects the top arm to the middle arm of the lower 3 arms. The size is approx 2.5mm. Could anybody tell me what size these screws are, are they metric ? BA ? it has a .106″ OD in imperial. Where can I get a replacement ?

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